Rockets on the Battlefield
Material: mixed media
Measures: 415,0 x 475,0 x 370,0 cm
Year: 2015
Video: HD, 2:37 min

I hung 42 spray cans on a fishing line from the ceiling. Each fishing line was connected to a spark ignitor. I positioned a crowfoot exactly under each spray can. Time by time I ignited a spark ignitor which cut the fishing line and the spray can fell on the crowfoot. As the spray can fell down, got speared by the crowfoot and got a hole on the bottom the pressure and the colour was ejected from the spray can, the spray lines were distributed on the floor and on the walls. Sometimes the spray cans fell down and flew around in the room like little rockets. One spray can hit the celling and a part of the celling fell down on the ground. You can trace back the yellow spray can which hit the ceiling by the lines the can left on the wall.