Permeable Systems
Berlin, 2022

Markus Butkereit elaborates in an experimental trial the properties of the exhibition space as an interface to the environment and a possible system of permeability.
Systems differ scientifically on the basis of interfaces and via their different exchanges with their environments. Through the different properties of exchanging matter and energy, it becomes clear whether the systems are either open, closed, or enclosed.  However, open systems do not mean the same as permeable systems. Permeable refers to thin layers that allow other matter to pass through.
In Permeable Systems, Markus Butkereit makes an attempt to navigate the different layers within the space and his artistic work. For this purpose, he designs a set-up in which the scaled-down objects of his experimental model series appear like props of actions to be retold. A studio situation in which there is potentially the possibility of separating each object and each person present from the background and translating them into other visual contexts.
Text: Heiko Pfreundt