Release date: Januar 2014
Format: 10,5 x 14,8 cm
Features: 40 pages, laser print
Language: English, german
Edition: 50 + 2 A. P., all numbered and signed

"Today everyone takes part in public executions through the newspapers. Like
everything else, however, it is more comfortable than it was. We sit
peacefully at home and, out of a hundred details, can choose those to linger
over which offer a special thrill. We only applaud when everything is over
and there is no feeling of guilty connivance to spoil our pleasure. We are
not responsible for the sentence, not for the journalists who report its
execution, nor for the papers which print them. None the less, we know more
about the business than our predecessors, who may have walked miles to see
it, hung around for hours and, in the end, seen very little. The baiting
crowd is preserved in the newspaper reading public, in a milder form it is
true, but, because of its distance from events, a more irresponsible one.
One is tempted to say that it is the most despicable and, at the same time,
most stable form of such a crowd. Since it does not even have to assemble,
it escapes disintegration; variety is catered for by the daily re-appearance
of the papers."
Canetti, Elias: Crowds and Power, S. 52 , Claassen, 1992, Neuausg. Hildesheim

"...the B.Z.Z.T. contains mainly socially anthropological subjects and their
questioning. Berliners and global-relevant subjects are illustrated and this
on her results are examined. News about person which wanders around in Berlin,
with drip needles in the arm putting is shown; the naked people who are stuck
in the chimney are described, discussed and illustrated. These are a question
with regard to the public voyeurism and the persistent inflammatory masses are
illustrated here. It is the basic questioning of the senior reproached to us,
information and reportings. One looks, to what extent the crowd psychology,
works here on mass phenomena"... 

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