Autopoiesis - unit unbounded #22

Autopoiesis - unit unbounded #22
Cologne, 2022

The work Autopoiesis - unit unbounded #22 emphasizes what unites us humans rather than what separates us humans. Focusing on the smallest building block - matter - from which we humans are created, the work shows the ever-repeating process of distribution - separation and unification of people through matter.
The work "Suspension II" features large-scale, overlapping, projection-permeable video gauzes suspended in space onto which dust drifts are projected. Since the video gauze does not absorb the video projection, but is permeable and the projections extend into the space, a digital and analog spatial fusion takes place here. The visitors to the exhibition are also integrated into the projection, as they themselves become a projection surface in the space through the projection-permeable gauze.
Butkereit uses flying dust distributed in the room by air explosions and fans. The spreading dust is used methaphorically to illustrate the all-encompassing interconnectedness and interdependence of people

 The word matter is etymologically derived from the Latin expressions "mater" (= mother) and "matrix" (= womb). All people are the same. All people consist of the same matter. Matter that comes from somewhere and vanishes again. Matter is around us and in us - we ourselves and the known universe consist of matter and energy. The surface of matter is different in every human being. The skin color, the eye color, the size and all other external appearances are different. However, the most important thing that unites all and where there is no difference is matter. The matter, the mother is always the same.